What Makes Built-up Flat Roofing More Durable than Ordinary Roofing?

TPO roofing or built-up roofing has been in use in America for more than a century. It is a type of roofing where multiple layers of waterproof materials are packed alternating with hot tar and finished off with a layer of pebble-like gravel. Formerly flat roofs and BUR roofing were used only for commercial buildings, but the trend is slowly but steadily changing. Residence owners also are beginning to favor this roofing in Tampa. Building owners have several reasons for opting for this type of roofing over ordinary flat roofing materials.

1. Affordability

Built-up roofs are affordable. The layers of the roofing are made using gravel and bitumen or coal tar. These materials are readily available and inexpensive. It is one of the reasons why these types of roofs are chosen increasingly by the residential sector.

2. Maintenance

One of the advantages that attract customers to this type of roofing is that it needs almost no maintenance. When it is needed, it can be done easily, and will not impact your wallet significantly like other roofing materials. 

3. Water-resistant

The built-up roof is water-resistant. The gravel and bitumen used on the surface do not absorb or retain water even when it faces heavy rains. So, algal and fungal growth on the BUR is minimal.

4. Thermal functioning

The built-up roof relieves you from worries during the hot summers. You don’t have to worry about curling or buckling your roof surface due to severe heat. It is not much affected by extreme heat or icy cold weather. This fact makes it highly energy efficient. This aspect of your roof will reflect on your energy bills.

5. UV- ray resistance

The built-up roof can handle the strong and often detrimental UV rays well. The layer of gravel serves as a barrier for the UV rays and protects the layers underneath.

Flat roof with skylight and hydro insulation membranes

6. Fire resistance

The topmost gravel layer is the fire-resistant layer of the built-up roof. It is 100% fire-resistant, and it is relevant in the localities that are often threatened by wildfires.

7. Unbroken and continuously fortified surface

The surface of the built-up roof is unbroken and is a continuous stretch. This aspect reduces the chances of water damage through the surface. Compared to other roofing materials that are used in small units connected or attached seamlessly, the built-up roof has no seams other than the one along the peripheries. So it provides a completely fortified surface against water damage.

8. Impact resistance

The built-up roof is not easily damaged by any ordinary kind of impact. The hailstones do not dent it. You don’t have to worry about the flying tree limbs during a hurricane or storm. Their impacts do not affect this roof much.

9. Grip in all weathers

The built-up roofs are highly weather-immune. They weather any extreme climatic conditions. Extreme heat, deluges, or frosty winters are all the same for the BUR. It stands up to them.

10. Reparability

In case any minor problems arise, it is easy to repair them. If the surface develops blisters, which sometimes happen with poor quality installations, they can be deflated by incising, and an extra layer of BUR does the trick. When a built-up roof passes its prime, cracks may appear. Then clean the surface of gravel and other debris and apply asphalt cement on the spot. Another usual glitch is that the surface may be uneven at certain places. An experienced roofer will even it out by applying another thin layer.

repair TPO roof

11. Allows foot traffic

It is easy to install rooftop structures on a built-up roof. Any amount of foot traffic does not affect it. It also provides the necessary grip for walking.

12. Aesthetics

The built-up roofs are aesthetically pleasing in Tampa as they have an even appearance. The uppermost gravel layer lends a rugged beauty to your roof.

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The Three Best Roof Materials for your Florida Home

Florida experiences hurricanes and storm storms several times a year.  The subtropical climate of Tampa Florida entails extremely hot summers rife with thunderstorms. These extreme conditions require the homeowners to select their roofing materials carefully. A discussion with experienced roofers in Tampa will enable them to make informed decisions. However, this article discusses three of the most suitable roofing materials for Florida and their pros and cons.

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1. Asphalt

Asphalt is the most popular roofing material among the homeowners of Florida. The reason for this is its cost-effectiveness. You don’t have to have a huge budget for installing an asphalt roof.

Asphalt shingles are of two types, those with a cellulose mat as the base and the other with fiberglass as the base. Considering the quality of the shingle, you can have three different qualities, strip shingles, dimensional shingles, and luxury shingles.

green shingle roof in tampa

Strip shingles are the cheapest one because it involves only one layer of asphalt. So it is lightweight. The dimensional shingles have two layers, and so they are thicker and sturdier. Since they are thick, they give a three-dimensional appearance resembling wood shakes. The luxury shingles are the thickest ones having three layers. They give your roof an elegance that is similar to slate.  These are the most expensive type.

Asphalt shingles are cost-effective because they provide you with a service life of 20 to 30 years at a minimal expense. The only downside is that you should be extra careful to fix them firmly to the rafters. The strong wind of Florida can be detrimental to asphalt shingles unless they are nailed to the roof structure well. The seams should be glued underneath so that the chances of wind lifting them.

2. Clay & concrete tiles

The clay and concrete tiled roofs are highly durable.  These tiles are wind resistant. Florida needs a roofing material that can defy hurricanes and storms. Besides, it also needs a material that can withstand heavy rains and scorching summer. The clay and concrete tiles do not absorb water. So, the homeowners do not have to fear the downpour soaking through their roof. In the height of summer, you do not need to worry about the sun cracking or damaging your roof in any way. The tiles are capable of enduring all kinds of climatic strains.  Wind cannot blow them away; the sun cannot scorch them, and the rains cannot rot them. The present custom-made tiles suit all kinds of architecture and enhance the style of your home.

tampa tile roof curbside

The scare of fire is very real in the present age of global warming. The tiles are fire-resistant. The vermin cannot get past them. So, they keep your attic completely free of pests. The tiles are highly energy efficient. They keep your home warm in winter and cool in summer. The tiled roof also keeps your attic and living space moisture-free in the rainy season. What’s more, it is not noisy during the rains. It needs almost zero maintenance. The significant disadvantage, perhaps, is the weight of the tiles. You will need extra sturdy roof frames.

3. Metal

Metal roofs may be the most long-term cost-effective roofs in Tampa Florida. It is not as expensive as slate or concrete tiles. The lightweight metal does not require extra strong roof frames. Its lightweight makes it easier to install. Metal is available in several aesthetically pleasing colors and shapes. It goes well with all architectural styles.The reflectance capacity of the metal roof is very high. It reflects the sun’s heat and so does not allow the inside of the home to heat up. During winter is retains the inside heat to keep you warm. A metal roof affects your energy bills positively. As it does not soak up water, your attic and living space are rendered free of dampness.

black metal roof

Metal is fire-resistant and water-resistant. The metal roof resists the wind to a great extent. It is unbreakable. The maintenance of the metal roof is almost nil, and it has considerable longevity. On the downside, it is noisy during the rain if a proper muffler layer is not installed. After considering the pros and cons of these materials, you can choose a roofing material that suits your budget.

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Top 5 Best Types of Roofs for Florida Weather

Florida can brag about a whole 1350 miles of the coastal area. This aspect of Florida is a significant tourist attraction. Also, many people fall in love with Florida beaches and sea-ward views. Waterfront houses and residential spaces are preferred here. However, one should also mention that Florida weather can be very harsh and unpleasant sometimes. It can be positively dangerous with its scorching hot summers, thunderstorms, and unexpected hurricanes.

seafront florida view

The unpredictable weather events have forced the authorities to revise the construction codes to include more specific clauses. Now the Florida building codes contain precise instructions that insist on the synthetic underlayment. The codes also instruct homeowners on the precise spacing of fasteners, and staples are not allowed. All joints should be taped in the sheathing, and retrofitting is recommended as frequently as possible. They also recommend meticulous roof periodic mandatory inspections. All these assiduous measures on the part of the authorities show the need for taking Florida weather seriously when you install your roof.

These extreme weather conditions make it necessary for homeowners to choose their roofing materials prudently. It should be resistant against the hot sun, strong gales, occasional hurricanes, and frequent thunderstorms.

When we consider the above factors, we zero in on five popular roofing materials – Metal, ceramic tiles, concrete tiles, and asphalt shingles.

1. Metal roof

Practical advantages:  Metal is the most suitable roofing material for Florida weather. There are ordinary metal roofing and also standing-seam metal roofing. Since it is fastened to the roof structure or locked with each other, as in standing seams, the wind does not displace them. It is not affected by the heat of the Florida sun. The shining surface of the metal roofing reflects sunlight to a great extent, and so reduces the inside temperature of your home. It is also fire-resistant and water-resistant. At the same time, it is easily available in the market.

Aesthetic advantages: – Metal sheets are available in a wide range of colors and shapes from which you can select according to your preference. Now you can get artfully shaped metal sheets. Some are even shaped like tiles. Metal roofing gives your house elegance and style.

Disadvantages: – The most talked about disadvantage of metal roofs is that it is noisy during rains, but when the ceilings are adequately muffled, this is manageable. Another downside is that you need specialized roofers to install a metal roof properly. It sometimes proves to be disadvantageous. A third disadvantage is that the upfront cost is higher than many other roofs. But then, its longevity is considerably higher than other materials.

metal roof

2. Ceramic tiles

Practical advantages: – Ceramic tiles are wind resistant. The tiles are often locked with each other at the seams and they hold well during storms. It is also rot resistant and you don’t have to worry during the rainy season. Ceramic tiles are fire-resistant to a great extent. Being a bad conductor of heat, the sun’s heat doesn’t disturb your living space. During the winter it prevents the inside heat from escaping, thus keeping your home warm and cozy. It is highly energy efficient.

Aesthetic advantages: – Ceramic tiles give your house a graceful rustic beauty. It suits all types of intricate architecture.

Disadvantages: – The first disadvantage is that it is easily broken and the flying debris can damage your roof considerably. Another disadvantage is that you will need sturdier roof frames to hold the weight of the tiles. During continuous rain, the moss spores in the atmosphere are likely to settle on the roof and germinate to form moss patches which require frequent cleaning of the roof. It is also difficult to walk on the roof because of the brittle nature of the tiles.

3. Concrete tiles

Practical advantages:– Concrete tiles are sturdy and durable. It is wind, water, and fire resistant. Sun does not affect concrete tiles. It is not as breakable as ceramic tiles. It will survive even flying debris like tree limbs. Concrete tiles are highly durable.

Aesthetic advantages:- Concrete tiles are available in many colors and shapes now. By selecting a suitable color you can project it as your style statement.

Disadvantages:- The greatest disadvantage of the concrete tiles is their weight. You will need an extra strong roof frame and it will incur a sizeable expense.

Practical advantages:- Asphalt shingles are the most popular roofing material because they are highly affordable. You do not have to spend much on the roof structure. Almost all the roofers do asphalt installation flawlessly and so, it is easy to get an expert roofer for it. With the availability of fire-resistant treatment, you can make asphalt shingles fairly fire-resistant. It has longevity of 25 to 30 years.

Aesthetic advantages:- The present market offers Asphalt shingles in a wide range of colors. When artfully installed, your roof can look very chic.

Disadvantages:- Asphalt tiles are affected by extreme weather conditions in Florida. It needs constant cleaning and maintenance. The wind blows them away, and the sun curls them. Rain causes extensive bio-growth. So an asphalt shingle roof needs constant inspection and upkeep.

shingle roof in tarpon springs 4

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Watch out For Florida Property Insurance Fraud

🚨 Florida Property Insurance Fraud Alert 🚨

For the last few years, Florida homeowners are troubled by the continuously escalating property insurance costs. Many private insurance companies are charging exorbitant sums as insurance premiums. It is because they are swamped by the unprecedented number of insurance claims and other legal proceedings. While the argument that it is the effect of the number of violent weather events Florida suffers, experts and observers point out another alarming trend in the field. It is the increasing number of insurance frauds.

Two people were recently arrested for such fraud. Their motive was to coerce homeowners to submit a full roof replacement claim to their insurance companies even if their roof damage is comparatively minor and not covered in the relevant policies. The fraudsters promise a brand new roof to the homeowner without any usual deductibles. Thereafter, the homeowners are asked to transfer the claim rights to the fraudulent roofing companies.

In this way, many small private insurance companies try to survive by imposing an inflated premium on the homeowners. Even then, many of these companies cannot evade insolvency.


The National Insurance Criminal Bureau has recognized more than 35 fraudulent roofing concerns during its investigation. “We have the names and addresses and limited liability corporations” says the NICB CEO David Glawe. Nevertheless, he is not at liberty to disclose more details as the investigations are still underway. The NICB comprises retired FBI agents and other experienced investigators. The bottom line is their findings are totally credible.

Another curious fact that came to light is that the number of insurance claims and litigations registered in Florida is far greater than in the rest of the country. The companies with criminal backgrounds are finding Florida, with its unpredictable weather and aggressive weather, a fertile ground for earning a few illicit dollars.

Insurance fraud is calculated to be billions of dollars (3 to 6 billion) While the fraudulent companies are earning huge amounts of money, the insurance companies and homeowners have to bear the brunt of it in the form of insurance claims and insurance premiums.

The greatest difficulty the homeowners face at present is that many insurance companies are not renewing the policies or even canceling the existing ones. The only way for them to keep afloat is to charge huge amounts as premiums. Even then, they are losing money in claims and litigations. The regrettable consequence is that Florida homeowners find it extremely difficult to insure their property against frequent hurricanes and storms.

It is a matter of great relief that NICB is taking things seriously and striving hard to keep the insurance business alive in Florida.

florida law image

We conduct free roofing estimates so if you would have to have your roof evaluated by a professional business with the proper insurance in order then give us a call at (727)916-3151. 

source https://www.tampabayroofs.com/tampa/watch-out-for-florida-property-insurance-fraud/

15 Undeniable Proof That You Need a New Roof in Tampa Fl

The roof over your head is undeniably the most important component of your home. However, homeowners usually concentrate on renewing and redecorating the living space of their homes and in the process, the roof often gets overlooked. Consequentially, they may incur heavy expenditures on their roof when things get out of hand.

When the roof does not get the attention it deserves, it deteriorates and more often than not, the deterioration is noticed when it is too late. The best policy for homeowners is to conduct DIY and professional roof inspections at regular intervals and to do the maintenance work on time. When a roof is neglected for a long time you may need to have a new one installed. All the same, you have to analyze the situation carefully before deciding to have a new roof because it is not an easy or inexpensive proposition. The following are some of the factors you may consider before taking the final decision.

1. Mold in the living space

If you happen to notice a slow but steady invasion of mold on the walls of your rooms and surfaces of the furniture, it is a dangerous sign. It means that your interior is excessively humid. This condition is almost always the result of serious water damage on your roof. If the moisture comes down and does not dry up with the heat of the interior it often implies a roof damaged beyond repair and you need a new roof.

mold from water damage

2. Soft and springy shingles

When you try walking on your roof when cleaning it, if you feel that the shingles are too soft and spongy, it means that they have been deteriorating for some time without you noticing them. It often means that the decking and other structures beneath it are seriously damaged. On inspection, a professional may advise you to get a new roof.

3. Shock in the electrical system

When you try to use your electrical appliances, if you get a shock, it means that water has gone into your walls and electrical systems. It happens with a longstanding roof leak. So, if you find that your electrical system is affected it means that your roof is already in a bad condition and beyond redemption. You need a new roof!

4. Stained and damaged ceiling and walls

When slight discoloration appears on the ceiling most of us do not take it seriously. The blisters on the walls are yet another pointer toward a serious roof leak. Usually, homeowners blame such problems on minor condensate accumulation. The best strategy is to conduct a detailed checkup. But the gravity of the situation comes out when parts of the ceiling begin to fall off. It can be the result of a serious roof leak on your Tampa home that may have already rotted a good part of your roof structure. If that is the case, you will surely need a new roof.

5. Sunlight in the attic

If you see sunlight penetrating your ceiling when you look from the attic, it is a sure sign that your roof integrity has been compromised. The underlayment has deteriorated and you cannot save the roof. It is time to think of a new roof over your head.

6. Granules in the gutter

As the shingles reach the end of their service life, they begin to shed the granules. The erosion will make the shingle porous and hence let water into the roof. If this condition prevails for a long time, your roof will be completely ruined and you will need a new roof.

7. Severely damaged gutters

If you notice that your gutters are rusted and have become leaky, ten to one, the possibility is that it has already let water seep in and your roof is irreparably damaged. This damage usually runs from one end of the roof to the other. An experienced roofer may recommend a new roof.

clogged gutters in tampa

8. Deteriorated flashings

Flashings are structures that are installed wherever there is a joint on the roof. It means that there is a breach on the roof under the flashings. So, the flashings that cover these joints must cover them intact. When you neglect the roof for a long time, these flashings may be to the detriment of your roof. Water entering from multiple points of these flashings, especially valley flashings, is devastating enough to wreck your roof completely. You may need a new roof.

9. Shingles or tiles missing from a large roof area

A particularly violent weather event like a hurricane is capable of blowing off or destroying your tiles or shingles from a large area of the roof. By the time the hurricane abated, a major part of your roof structure would be in shambles. A post-hurricane roof inspection may tell you that you need a new roof.

10. Moss on the roof tiles

If you ignore the cleaning of the rooftop for a long time, it will be covered with moss and lichens. This bio-growth will prove to be highly injurious to your roof. Given time, it will destroy the roof tiles and underlayment completely, and ultimately you will need a new roof.

moss on shingles

11. Mold and mildew in the attic

Mold and mildew in the attic mean that your attic is overly humid. It denotes a serious and very old roof leak that had escaped your detection. Only a detailed professional roof inspection will tell you whether you need a new roof or not.

12. Too many loose roof nails

After a storm or hurricane, you may discover that quite a few of the roof nails are loose or missing. Each of these points will have let in a sufficient amount of water which is capable of destroying your roof completely. Most probably you may have to tear off your old roof and install a new one.

13. Sagging roof

If you notice a part of your roof is sagging, it is sure that your roof structure is too weak to hold your roof intact. You will surely need a new roof.

14. Escalating energy bills

If you notice a recent in your energy bills, it is evident that your roof is not serving its purpose well. It is unable to keep your home warm in winter or cool in summer. The best bet is that you need a new roof.

15. Your roof is more than 25 years old

When your roof is 25 or more years old, in all probability, it has reached the end of its service life. You will need a new roof.

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Roofing Expectations vs. Reality

When we engage a service provider, we have a certain set of expectations. Whether they fulfill them or not is another matter. Engaging a roofing company in Florida is not much different. The homeowner anticipates perfect service, and conflict arises when these anticipations go unsatisfied. The safest way is to know where reality differs from expectations and do what is needed to avoid such clashes. Here are some of the expectations, possible divergence from them, and solutions.

1. The quality of the roofer is not of much relevance.

There is a common belief that all the roofing companies can do roofing work just the same because they are used to the work and usually have a working team. This belief may not be accurate as expertise and experience play a significant role in the quality of the roofing work. You have to verify the experience of the roofing company and the level of training their workers have undergone.

inspecting roof in tampa

2. All roofers will use the materials that they have promised.

When discussing the work, the roofers may promise the world to you, but if you bother to check them during the work, you may be in for a shock. To avoid it, it is better to put everything in black and white, and periodic checking will ensure the quality of the materials.

3. Once you hire a roofer he will do all the restorations perfectly.

The roofer will repair the malfunctions you have pointed out but may not look at the rest of your roof. The best way is to have a detailed roof inspection to get the weak points of your roof. It is best to hand over the list of problems to the roofer before starting the project.

4. The roofing process is the same, and if a roofer hands over a low quote, it is better to choose him.

Some homeowners think that the roof work requires the same set of skills, and if a roofer gives a lower quote, it is profitable to hire him. The roofing process is the same, but people go about it differently. A reputable roofer will use quality materials and pay attention to the minutest details. His workforce will be well-trained. Such roofers will naturally charge you more. It is always good for the homeowner to go through the details of the work and know the quality of the materials used beforehand.

tampa roof inspection

5. Once you discuss the work with the roofer, you can leave it to him.

Many homeowners think that once they conduct a detailed discussion of their roof and the required work, it is enough. They leave the work to the roofer and engage themselves in other daily activities. Later, if they happen to check out, they will find that many unsatisfactory changes have occurred. It usually affects the relationship between the two parties. The best policy is to get a contract drawn with all the stipulations clearly mentioned.

working on roof

6. All roofers can deal with your drainage.

Drainage is a specialized job. Choosing the gutters and downspouts and installing the clean flow off requires experience and familiarity with slopes, water flow, etc. All the roofers may not be good at this. Unless a roofing company owns a special section of gutter workers, you cannot expect first-class drainage work from them.

7. Roofers will compensate for collateral damages.

If you assume that the roofers will compensate for the damages done to your landscape or garden, you may be disappointed. Unless it is specially mentioned in the contract, the roofer may slither out of the responsibility. It is always advisable to add a clause to the contract.

8. All roofers have ample client and workers’ insurance.

Only reputable roofing companies will have ample insurance for the clients’ property and workers’ compensation in case of accidents. It is the duty of the homeowner to check out the details of their insurance. If the company does not have adequate insurance, you stand to lose dollars in case of an accident.

9. All roofers provide a warranty for the work and materials.

The reputed roofing companies will provide a warranty for their work and the materials used for a specific number of years. However, it is not a sure feature of all roofing companies. The homeowner should inspect them and get the required clauses added before the beginning of the project.

10. All roofers will provide follow-up work.

Many of us think that all the roofers in Tampa will provide free inspections and maintenance for at least a year after the completion of the work. It may not be so. All such obligations should be discussed and added to the contract.

If the homeowners act intelligently, many unpleasant situations can be avoided when they hire a roofing company.

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Raise Your Roof: Selecting the Best Option for Your Home

When you are not satisfied with your present home, demolishing it and building a new one is an option which is not very attractive. It will be very expensive. So modifying your roof is the second option. The reasons for raising a roof differ from homeowner to homeowner. Some raise their roofs to add more space to their homes. Some people would like to have their ceiling raised to increase the living space and make their home airy.   You will have to raise your roof in all these cases.

Points to ponder before making roof-raise decisions

Raising the roof is no easy task. You will have to consider many aspects before making the decision. Roofs are of two types, the stick roof, and the truss roof. It is easier to raise the truss roof than the stick roof. However, it is not impossible to raise the stick roof also. It will take a little more effort and expense. You will have to consider the wiring and electrical and plumbing structures in the attic. The heating and HVAC systems and their ducts also are worth attention. They make the roof-raising complicated and more expensive. You will have to estimate the total cost with this included before embarking on the project. Another aspect you have to pay attention to is the local building codes. You may have to get fresh permits before raising your roof. If you engage a renowned roofer, he will do all the paperwork.

metal roof inspection

Do you want to have a larger and more airy living space?

In this case, what you have to do is to raise your ceiling further.  Then, you have to raise the roof accordingly. The walls have to be extended to the new height. It is not advisable to add a new portion to the upper portion of the wall. It will destabilize the structure.  The structural engineer will advise you to increase the height right from below by adding taller wall studs. If the whole wall is further strengthened by a plywood sheath, it is better. Fixing the roof over the new structure is comparatively easy.

Are you in need of extra bedrooms or office rooms?

When the family expands, and when the children grow older, you may need more rooms. If you build new extensions on the side of your existing structure, it will take up more land. Alternatively, if you add a second floor to your home, you will have a compact structure. In this case, you do not have to extend the walls. You are building a ceiling structure over the first floor and build new walls on it and lower the roof on top of that. Here again, it is better to seek the opinion of an engineer to see if your first-floor walls and the foundation are strong enough to take the burden of a second floor. If not, you will have to strengthen the foundation before building the second floor.

second floor roof

Roof Raising is an exercise that needs careful planning and meticulous analysis of the pros and cons. You have to make sure that you are getting adequate returns to the investments and pains you are taking. Seeking professional judgment on the matter is always good.

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Why Standing Seam Metal Roofs are So Popular in Tampa Fl

Standing seam metal roofs are made of metal panels with raised seams that can be locked with the adjacent panel. These almost 1-inch-raised seams appear like ribs on the roof. Now most homeowners in Tampa Florida opt for metal roofs because of the extreme climatic conditions of the region. The standing seam metal roofs become the favorite for various reasons. There are two main types of standing seam roofs.

1. Snap lock standing seam panels

In this type, the panels are joined together by snapping their seams together. This can be done without any special tools. The installation is easy in this case. These are lightweight panels and less expensive than the mechanically locked panels.

2. Mechanically seamed standing seam roof panels

To join these panels, special tools are used that only a trained roofer can accomplish. The mechanically seamed standing seam roofs are sturdier and more water-tight.

The homeowners prefer the standing seam roofs because of many reasons. They can be both practical and aesthetic.


1. Weather resistant

Florida weather is notorious for its inconsistent weather patterns. Extreme storms and rogue hurricanes can wreak havoc at any time of the year. Any temperature or pressure variations in the Atlantic ocean affect Florida. So it is crucial to have weather-resistance roofs for Tampa Florida homes. The standing seam roofing panels are robust, and they are locked with each other without a gap using concealed clips. These joints are raised, and so the possibility of water damage is slim. The absence of nails or screws makes the roof penetration free and leak-free. The standing seam roof is also unaffected by extreme Florida summers. The panels can endure thermal movements like expansion and contraction. So they don’t buckle or bend in the heat.

2. Suits low-pitch roofs

High-pitch roofs don’t suit the windy weather in Florida. Most Floridian homeowners prefer low-pitched roofs, and the standing seam metal roofs suit them well. Snap lock standing seam panels are used here because they are lighter.

low pitch metal roof

3. Longevity and durability

Standing seam metal roofs can serve you for 50 to 70 years if you take proper care of them. The pronged life is one of the most important aspect to homeowners. The metal panels are robust and hold up against the extreme weather conditions of Florida.

Standing seam modern metal roof over vintage stone wall, horizontal aspect

4. Fire resistant

With global warming escalating every year, extreme dryness and overheating become the greatest worry of homeowners. The standing seam roof has a Class A fire-resistance rating. If you can use the same grade underlayment, your roof is rendered entirely fire-resistant.

5. Less & easy maintenance

Standing seam metal roofs are easy to clean. The low pitch and the smoothness of the panels make it easy to clean them. Apart from the mandatory inspection, maintenance work is almost zero for the standing seam roof. Once the seams are locked, they don’t come easily apart, and so your roof remains comparatively intact through the years.

6. Energy efficient

Standing seam metals roofs possess a high level of energy efficiency. The smooth panels provide a high degree of reflectance, and so the interior of your home is kept cool. They retain the interior heat intact during winter making your home warm and cozy. The bottom line is, that your home cooling and heating bills come down quite substantially.

metal roof with steel structure

7. Renewable energy friendly

Solar panels are the most popular renewable energy source at present. The standing seam metal roof allows you to fix solar panels using clips. The installation becomes easier and so cheaper.

8. Resale value

When you buy or build a home, its resale value becomes one of the primary concerns. Standing seam roofs increases the resale value of your home. That way, the initial high cost of a standing seam roof becomes a worthy investment.

9. Lightweight

The standing seam metal panels are lightweight. You do not need to have an extra sturdy roof frame. Dollars are saved that way.


1. Curb appeal

The smooth and shining standing seam roof increases the style quotient of your home. The augmented curb appeal of a home gives its owner a reason to be proud.

2. Range of available colors

The panels of the standing seam roof are available in innumerable colors. The PVDF paint system provides a vast range of colors to choose from. The advantage of this is that the colors do not fade in the scorching heat in Tampa Florida.

3. Architecture-friendly

The new generation of architects brings in a lot of novel ideas in architectural styles and shapes. The standing seam roofs suit any architectural design seamlessly. They look equally elegant in traditional and new-gen architecture.

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The Worst Advice You Could Get About Roofing In Florida

Advice is a commodity available at every step of your life and what’s more, it’s always free. Some of them will be very useful, but some others may be detrimental.  As soon as it is known that you are going to start a roofing project on your home, you must navigate through the many suggestions you will receive from your friends and family. The following can be some damaging advice:

1. Get quotes and choose the lowest

While it is always sensible to get many quotes before you start a project, choosing the lowest bid is not always wise. Some companies will give you a low quote omitting many items. As the work proceeds these will appear eventually putting you in a hard spot because you may not have expected these additional expenses. Some companies will keep some of the expenses hidden and argue that they are obvious in such projects. Yet other companies will opt for low-quality materials for the work, which will bring down the initial cost, but soon you may have to face additional maintenance work. So it is always better to choose a quote after carefully studying the clauses.

2. All shingles are the same once they are a part of the roof

Some people think that as long as the shingles cover the roof well they can be of any type. These people are of opinion that all types of shingles will serve well for a minimum period after that you will have to replace them. So you might as well go for the cheapest. It is a fact that all types of shingles have a specific life span. The only thing is that its length varies. If you choose quality shingles, you can forget about replacing them and maintenance for much longer than the cheap ones.

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3. Wait till spring

It is a common belief that spring is the best time for roofing work as the weather may be moderate. While there is much truth in it, it is not desirable to postpone any roofing work till spring when it’s urgently needed.

4. Choosing the best roofing material is unnecessary when you have an expert roofer

The skill and experience of a roofing company counts a lot. Such people will know how to use the materials to their best advantage. Nevertheless, an expert roofer can never increase the quality of the roofing materials. Good quality roofing materials will go a long way in enhancing the quality of your roof.

5. You can ignore roof leaks in a new roof because they will correct themselves when the roof settles

This belief is really a myth. If you experience roof leaks in your Tampa roof it is definitely a problem that needs to be resolved immediately. You will have to inform the roofer and get them remedied. As days pass, there are many possibilities of the defect growing worse.

6. A professional roof inspection is not necessary for the first 5 to 8 years of a new roof installation

Many people think that you can evade professional roof inspection for some years after a new roof installation. If at all, it is sufficient to have a DIY roof inspection once in a while. It is important to conduct DIY roof inspections whenever possible, but professional roof inspections at least once a year is necessary in Florida. The weather in Florida can be unpredictable and unexpectedly violent. After a particularly violent weather event, an ordinary homeowner cannot recognize some of the structural damages.

7. Storm chasers

Storm chasers are roofing companies who come around after a storm or hurricane inquiring about your roof’s well-being. They will present a bargain in front of you that is very tempting. Some of your friends or acquaintances may advise you to take up their offer. If you do so, it will almost always lead you into trouble and loss of money. They may disappear as suddenly as they appear, perhaps with your money. So beware of these storm chasers.

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source https://www.tampabayroofs.com/tampa/the-worst-advice-you-could-get-about-roofing-in-florida/

7 Ways Roofing Maintenance and Service Increases the Longevity of Your Residential and Commercial Roof

The roof, being one the crucial parts of your building – commercial or residential – deserves your utmost and continued attention. It is of prime importance that you keep roof maintenance at the top of your to-do list. The first thing is conducting roof inspections regularly, of which the half-yearly inspection should be professional and detailed.  It serves many purposes, among which the longevity of the roof is the most essential one.

Timely roof maintenance will help you to avoid minor problems snowballing into unmanageable issues. When you detect an apparently negligible problem during a Tampa roof inspection, it is always advisable to consult a professional to do the needed repair. If your roof is comparatively new, correcting negligible problems should be an easy fix.

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2. Repairing structural damages

In the event of a particularly violent weather event, the integrity of your roof structure can be compromised. So it is necessary to have a detailed professional roof inspection. If any damage has occurred, the professional should be instructed to repair it without delay. It will strengthen your roof and prolong its service life.

3. Roof cleaning

Occasional roof cleaning is necessary for the sustained health of your roof and its components. Apart from the debris build-up, bio-growth development is also a hazard. Besides the algal and fungal growth that affects the roofing material, the seedlings of the close-by vegetation also pose dangers to your roof health. The debris that originates from the roof-top vegetation clogs your gutters and spouts, restricting water flow off. It will further cause the flooding of your attic. Cleaning your roof as often as possible will remove these perils on time.

4. Eliminating water-pooling and moisture

The dryness of your roof should be guarded vigorously, for it can cause a lot of ordinary and extraordinary menaces. When moisture build-up on your roof increases, water damage is the most common consequence.  This water damage will penetrate your roof components, which sets off rot. Apart from that, it will cause condensate problems in the attic. The continued humidity in the attic triggers mold and mildew growth. It creates a threat to the condition of your carpets and furniture and even wardrobe inside your home. The unforeseen danger often manifests as respiratory problems in your family members. During the roof inspections, pay special attention to the water pooling on the roof and excessive humidity in your attic.

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5. Water damage

Tampa Roof leaks are the common crisis the homeowners face. There are dozens of factors that can cause roof leaks. The damaged roofing materials, overflowing gutters, damaged flashings, and compromised roof vent housings are some of them. The vermin invasion is another reason. It is vital that you spot these issues on time and remedy them without fail.

6. Maintaining vents

Roof vents are installed to regulate the air circulation in your living space and attic. These vents should work without a hitch to render the interior of your home moisture-free and temperature-regulated. When the optimal functioning of the vent is obstructed, the moisture accumulation in the attic damages the insulation. A damaged or mold-infected insulation is a risk to the health of the occupants of the building. If it is a commercial building, the articles inside it will be affected. It may even cause a drop in your business.

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7. Various flashings

When two sections of the roof meet, the joint is secured with flashings called valley flashing. Flashings are installed at the bases of all roof-top installations. These structures often suffer damages in due course. The worst water damages are caused by the flashing damages. If an inspection reveals flashing damage, take care to correct it immediately. It will ensure an extension of your roof life.

A regularly maintained roof will confer many other advantages to you as a homeowner. It will reflect in your dipping energy bills. A beautiful roof will increase the aesthetic quotient of your home. The curb appeal of a home is sure to escalate its worth in the market. If you have a warranty, the maintenance record of your roof will ensure its extension. A healthy and happy life in your home is an added perk.

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